I’m back after a break in my schedule. Was on vacation? No! Was ill? No! Truth is I was been lazy! But here I am, back to blogging once again.

back after break

Have my first guest blog request on this site which I’ve accepted immediately. Had posting myself on another blogs also.

I was thinking about starting a side project and few ideas have fall on my mind. Will not reveal everything I had in mind, but can tell that an idea for starting a new blog looks the easiest. Simple as that. Well, not quite!

Starting a blog is not a hard task but can be complicated if doing first time. Fortunately for me its not my first 🙂 But if know a few tricks, where and how to start will simplify the things.

My idea was to start a “30 day challenge” to create a successful blog, as many popular guys and girls do so and see the results. My target is not “6 figures”, not even 5 zeros, nor even 3, but simple 100$ in the first month and grow later. Have in mind that a new site cannot start earning from day one because of lack of content but a few weeks later, with earning potential rising as popularity and traffic grows.

This was my idea in short. I want to use a few tricks and see how well it will perform.

Its time to back after a break (flying in clouds and wasting time) and get to work.

motivation porn

Have to pick a niche (or several niches), pick a name, do the technical stuff, work on SEO a bit, build social profiles, create content, make a strategy and schedule and finally promote the site and its content.

I have in mind that I will need to work fast, on many fields simultaneously, but worth to try. Setting a goal low as 100$ sounds pessimistic, but I have to do all necessary tasks before applying for monetization methods on a new blog. I will have only 10 days to reach 100$. It is just 10$ a day and think it can be achieved within given time, with potential to grow if done correctly and my ideas work.

If interested how its going, please visit back again in a couple of days as I plan to explain the whole process step by step as I go thru.

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