ICAN vs NATO The Ban Of Nuclear Weapons Is Coming Not So Soon

ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons) is winner of this years Nobel Piece Prize.

A campaign group is seeking a global ban on nuclear arms. This mean not only North Korea, Iran and illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons or materials used in their construction, but a global ban by all sides.

The award for ICAN was unexpected, particularly in a year when the architects of the 2015 nuclear deal between world powers and Iran had been seen as favorites for achieving the sort of diplomatic breakthrough that has won the prize in the past. But recent role of North Korea testing their nukes might have a role in winning the price.

Idea is noble and really can benefit the world become a better place, but is it real and can a global ban of nuclear weapon be achieved in our lifetime?

NATO countries have more than 60% of nuclear weapons. Rest of the world including Russia, China, India, Pakistan and some ex Soviet republic countries have the other 40%.

Nuclear weapons were designed for a mass destruction but more important is the fear factor.

So why would nuclear powers ever think of abandoning their precious arsenal and give up control. Not to say how much money was spent for building and improving the destructive power of those things thru the last half century. Actually nobody knows how many live nukes are out there.

The fact is that half of them are ready to launch every moment, seconds after an order is given (if given at all) or if AI takes over the control as SkyNet in Terminator movies. Minutes after that there will be a nuclear holocaust and a few ones that survive the initial blasts will be exposed to lethal radiation. This is not a fiction. But don’t be afraid.

In past 60 years enough damage was done just from live testing these weapons. See the map:

Radioactive pollution is the reason of many problems that are visible now and will be more and more present in future.

ICAN goal is good, but NATO and Others won’t leave their nuclear assets and so easily (until more dangerous and destructive weapon is invented and put in service).

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Source : interestimo.com